Lean InThe Wife Drought: Why Women need Wives and Men need Lives – Annabel Crabb

This is a fantastic read – entertaining with many laugh out loud moments, as well as being really well researched. Highly recommended.

Lean In  – Sheryl Sandberg

There are some fantastic ideas in this book, some may be right for you in terms of how to approach and manage your career – others won’t be – but you will come away with something useful.  You can also start a Lean In Circle. Visit http://leanincircles.org/

Most importantly, we are reminded in the Forward by Belinda Hutchinson, Chairman of QBE Insurance Group Limited, of the following:

“The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2012 found Australia ranked first in terms of women’s educational attainment but 45th for their labour-force participation. Australia has one of the most highly educated female populations in the world, and 55 percent of university graduates are female, yet barriers still exist to women’s full participation in the workforce. Australia has a skills shortage, yet we blatantly waste our national investment in women’s education. The contrast with New Zealand is stark: it has an equal top rating for education of women yet is ranked number 15 for economic participation and opportunity.”

Is your organisation taking the opportunity to tap into this wonderful pool of talent?

The Fictional Woman – Tara Moss

Its a bit all about Tara but an interesting read nonetheless.